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The garden and I have come to an understanding.  I pay close attention and it will feed me.  A little.

Keeping the kitty OUT of the beds was my first feat.  Laying garden fencing panels over the beds has proven to be very beneficial!  Tacky but beneficial.  Not only is the kitty defeated but the vines love being above the cool damp ground and have, so far, laughed at the afternoon triple digits.  For some beds I laid plastic green fencing on the ground and planted in the holes (black eyed peas) or cut it in strips and fit it around existing plants (peppers and asparagus).  So far it has kept Mr. Orange (bad cat) at bay.  

Another learning curve was 'over watering'.  I am learning to read my plants leaves, particularly the peppers and butternut) and back off a day when blotchy yellowing occurs on their leaves.  In one day they are back to deep and beautiful.  Also,   I am relying less on the water gauge and more on my own sense of feel, digging up a bit of earth with my trowel.  

Finding ways to shade my lovelies as the heat intensifies is my next challenge.  My tomatoes were being badly sunburned so out of desperation, I placed a camping table astride the bed and draped it with a sheet.  Instant shade!  Ok, tacky for sure but honestly? I have had to put pride on the back burner and do with what I have.  I don't see this as a permanent solution but it has saved my tomato plants.  I wish I could canopy the entire garden with netting!  

I have banned the pest control man from my backyard.  The lizards are prolific now as are the preying mantis and these really cool pale tan spiders that scatter when I water. 

There is no shortage of bees spreading pollen.   Birds entertain us day and night at the feeders, water baths, and hanging foraging flower seeds.

I have two more volunteers I am trying to identify.  I believe one is a Mexican Fan Palm (there are actually two, one start I just found two days ago) and the other is probably a noxious weed getting ready to spew seeds all over my unsuspecting yard.  I am a sucker for anything green that wants to live in my space so until identified it stays.  

I am in love with my garden.  Odd and homely and gorgeous, it is a gift from my Creator; a quiet retreat at first light to prepare my heart for the day, a gleaning place for foods I know are clean and healthy  Soothing and restful at the end of a long day, it is a place to witness creation over and over again. 

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Comment by Cynthia Carter on June 27, 2014 at 3:28pm

Nice. :)  Mine's kinda frying in the sun these days, so it's nice to see someone else is getting some goodies out of their plots. :)

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