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I've started my raised garden beds, but quickly realized that purchasing bagged soil from the store is entirely unaffordable for me.  Does anyone have any recommendations for local bulk soil retailers in town?  I'd be interested in paying a nominal fee to load my truck.  I should mention that I have a compost pile, but it isn't producing enough to fill my beds, however, it may be enough to mix with desired bulk soil for a nutrient boost.  Thanks!

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Hi Angie, I have lots of clean fill dirt for the taking if that would work for your project?  I'm in the Ahwatukee area.

Thanks Monica.  I was wondering about clean, fill dirt.  Is that typically used for veggie gardens? 

Monica--I am expanding my beds as well but only need an extra  container or so of dirt....I am nearby in S there a convenient way to reach you & time this week ??


Jeff, I sent you a friend request so that I can provide you with my address if you are still interested in some dirt.  Thank you, Monica

Hi - I'm in the same boat. I need dirt. I live out in open desert & the soil is sandy & rocky. I have to have raised beds & a greenhouse -so many critters. I'm in the far Southwest Valley. So, does anyone know of a good bulk supplier in the Phoenix metro area? Thank you.

I would heartily recommend Singh Farms off the 101 and Thomas in Scottsdale... Ken Singh knows his compost and soil mixes... bring/rent a truck on a Saturday...

singh is the thing. $70 a truck load he opens at 9 am. he has compost and planting miw, both are great. bring a tarp to cover it on the way home. grab a fish emultion while you are there, he has it made special. good stuff. good price.

Thanks Kristoffer and Marion,

I will look into Singh.  I may need to go halfsies with someone.  New Post?  Anyone wanna go halfsies on some soil from Singh?  :) 

When do you need it by? I would be interested in splitting a load, but my beds aren't built yet, and probably won't be for a few weeks yet.

I'd be interested in splitting a load, but might be a little more inclined to throw down if we can get, at least, a third party. 

p.s. about ken, he only takes cash. no plastic.


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