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My name is Morgan Coffinger, Founder of Bokashi Evolution ( based out of Tempe, AZ. For those of you that love Bokashi, EM, food waste fermentation, beneficial fungi and micro-organisms or want to learn more, I would love to connect/answer questions/brainstorm regarding soil remediation for our AZ soil on a large scale with compost.

If you or someone you know is interested in local, handmade with Love, Bokashi, or Kitchen Compost Kits I am happy to assist. I will be doing classes on Bokashi Composting, Soil Health, and Bioremediation options here in the Valley in the near future, as well as hold a booth at a farmers market (most likely Downtown PHX). In the meantime, I am back in Tempe and VERY excited to be a part of this incredible grassroots movement for a healthier planet through local food production and responsible waste management. Thank you VPA for your amazing classes and a big thank you to YOU! 


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Hi Morgan, wow - thanks for all the information! I have used the fermented food scraps in compost, and most often have buried it in various places in the yard. My strawberries absolutely loved it (I had buried it before I planted them originally). I have also squirted a solution of about...oh, a couple of tablespoons of EM-1 and 16 oz dechlorinated water in the compost piles (I realize I could have made a lot weaker solution and it still would have been effective), the chickens' water, in their food, on their poop, and in the garden. You know, I had been working so many hours for several years in a row and got out of those habits (although I still made the wheat bran Bokashi as needed), but in a prior year before when I made sure to foliar spray plants and the soil on a regular basis, the plants really did thrive. I'm getting myself into that habit again and hope to keep it up!!

One question has always plagued me, and I could never get a satisfactory answer - when one puts the solution down the drain here in the city, how can it be effective when we have chlorine in our water? 

The research you're doing sounds really wonderful, and we're looking forward to hearing more about it in the future!


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