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It is important in this day to understand the effects of chernobyl and the cover-up of it. See distinguished New York Academy of Science book no one knows about on this below!

 Some good news is for us, at a distance, is that the japanese reactors are not graphite moderated which chernobyl(russian built) was which caused 1200 tons of graphite to combust and drive the huge plume of radioactivty into the upper atmosphere and carrying winds. Even a greenpeace nuclear physicist confirms this. There is not the same concern about radiation being carried worldwide by jet streams.

Bad news is that radiation will remain more concentrated in the local japan are. Plus radiation will go into the sea which was not a factor in chernobyl. This is somewhat an unknown considering sea currents eco-damage to the seas etc.  terry

April 26, 2010 “…….after nearly a quarter-century of industry denial, the New York Academy of Sciences has published, Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment, the definitive catalog and analysis. Drawing on some 5,000 studies, three Russian scientists have placed the ultimate death toll at 985,000!!!
The book has been edited by Dr. Janette Sherman, a toxicologist expert in the health impacts of radioactivity.
As Karl Grossman has shown, Chernobyl’s death toll stretches worldwide. Its apocalyptic cloud blanketed Europe and blew across the northern tier of the United States. Sheep in Scotland and milk in New England were heavily contaminated, along with countless square miles of land and sea...


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