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I've seen some activity on this discussion board about kids and classes, but I don't know if they are happening or have happened. 

I would love to host a monthly "club" for kids to learn the basics of permaculture, maybe a simplified synopsis of the design course if any of you have taken that. Something organized and systematic so that the kids can build their knowledge on the things they learn (and experiment with) each month. Sort of like a 4-h club. We could learn about soil and then have the kids do soil tests at home and look at things through microscopes. We can learn about how to water, how to compost, where to plant things. We could learn about harvesting fruits and seeds and then have service projects in our neighborhoods to encourage community relationships. Later the kids could learn how to sell their products at the market. It's science, it's economics, it's relationship-building, it's cooking, and it's art.


I know there are a lot of amazing experts in our area who would love to pass their knowledge on to the next generation.


Is anyone interested in this kind of club? Is there one already happening that I have missed?


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The daycare if on 32nd street and southern ave. I can look into Tolmachaff Family Farm on 75th ave and Bethany. They are child oriented: so bathrooms, play areas etc. They have field trips there all the time. They have a meeting area. The children could see a working farm. We could do classes there and such.

Sounds very cool, I live on the west side. My kids are 9,and 10. What ages were you guys thinking of?


my two kids would be interested. ages 3 and 5. they are very curious lil folks.

keep me in the loop

Hi! I am new to Phoenix and am interested to find out what has happened with your plan for a kids class.  I have 6 children ages 11-7 and they would love to be involved.  They are helping me with our garden and with research on the care of backyard chickens.  Please let me know what is going on and how I can help.  Thanks

I would love to get this started! I live around 101 N and why 51. We could meet at my house to make plans. The kids can play that way.

Any takers?


I am at 91st And Peoria Ave I think that is kinda close to me.  I am in.  When would we like to meet?  During the day I have my 2 year old home.  So I can meet M-F between 11am-3pm.  Then after school I can meet but then I will have to bring all 7 of my kiddos. On the weekends is the only time I can get away without kids with me. 

Okay. I am finally getting together with another mom from our homeschool group to make this happen for our group in the fall. It looks like it may be hard to do one big group of kids because we all live in different areas of the valley. So what I would like to propose is getting together with whoever wants to host a Permaculture Kids Club beginning this fall. Let's meet and get our brains together to create a once or twice a month plan for the year for our individual groups with maybe a couple of large get-togethers for some fun projects or field trips. Surely we can plan 12 activities based on the 12 Permaculture Design Principles. 

I would like to meet sometime the second week of June. If you would like to host a club or be a part of planning, please let me know and we will do this.

What ever happened to your plans?  I am a homeschooler also of a 4 yr old.  She loves the entire process of growing her own food, but I'm having problems with production.  We would love to attend a club, if we aren't too young.  Please let us know.


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