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Does anyone know where I can purchase local honey?  I am in the west valley but I am interested in honey from anywhere in the valley.




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I'm not sure if Crockett's is still in Tempe. There website isn't valid anymore. I googled "Arizona honey" and several sites pulled up, some even selling at local farmer's markets. One in particular, from Homebrewer's Outpost (but they're in Flagstaff), mentioned unfiltered, unpasteurized honey. The less processed for me, the better.
McClendon's makes honey. They are in Peoria and sells their stuff at farmers markets in Phoenix and Scottsdale. I know it's unpasteurized, but not sure if unfiltered. There is also a lady from Flagstaff (maybe the same one Erin mentions) with unfiltered, unpasteurized honey available at the downtown Phoenix market.
I purchased some honey at the farmer's market that takes place at Westgate. I think the folks are from Bisbee though. Don't know if that's local enough for you.
Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and suggestions. I will look into the things that were mentioned.

Thanks again,

There is a honey vendor at the Cave Creek and 32nd street roadrunner park farmers market on saturday mornings. In addition I drove past a honeystand at the old jackass acres place on new river road and the i-17 yesterday (sunday). I also know there is a honey stand in Pine that sells some great honey's for mead making.
Thank you
Hi, there is a fellow selling local honey out of his truck on south Gilbert Road, just after you cross onto the res. I have been buying from him for a while, his honey is quite good.

For the last few months I have been buying raw honey from a lady that attends several local farmers markets. After a few days the honey becomes thicker and cloudy because it was never heated. Still tastes the same.

raw honey available at the Honey Hut in Pine, AZ. not only is it a beautiful drive, but the honey is outstanding and you can purchase by the gallon.

hi, check these folks out...


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