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HI all, we're finally adding to our small flock. I'm looking for ameraucana bantams or bantam easter egger hens. I've check feed stores and breeder directories to no avail. I'm hoping to "purchase local" but will order them if I need to.

If I order its a straight run with a min. order of 5. We're only looking to add 2 more bird, so if anyone is interested in also adding this kind of chicken to their flock, we could share the order.

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you're 100% right, although I have to say I've never tried to eat a bantam bird, just larger meaties, but I'm hoping with a small order it won't be to worry-some. who knew getting my flock to be composed of what i want was going to be so complicated, Im thankful for help!!!!

I just added 4 straight run aracauna bantams to me order which will be delivered early next week.. 

poultry will be delivered Sunday February 12, 2012 - Wednesday February 15, 2012

The aditional cost was $21.55.

I can take your roosters later if you like.

Hi Todd- this is awesome news!!! my cell is 480 277 4178 if you need to reach me. I work during the day and have a work event the evening of the 14th but I will happily come and get them pronto as my boss permits! I currently have plans to be up your way on that Monday morning and that Thursday in the early evening so maybe that will work too.

I'll call you when they arrive. It's no problem for me to hold them for a few days.

Hi Todd! Anxiously awaiting next week! Again, call 480 277 4178 anytime and I'll make arrangements to come and get the chicks! I really appreciate all of your help. Hopefully they will come Sunday or Monday!


Wow! I go to work for a few hours and there's now two pages of discussion. Sounds like you got your order in Kate. Glad to hear it. I think we'll wait maybe two weeks before getting a few bantams as we need to do some work in the chicken run first.


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