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HI all, we're finally adding to our small flock. I'm looking for ameraucana bantams or bantam easter egger hens. I've check feed stores and breeder directories to no avail. I'm hoping to "purchase local" but will order them if I need to.

If I order its a straight run with a min. order of 5. We're only looking to add 2 more bird, so if anyone is interested in also adding this kind of chicken to their flock, we could share the order.

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We're thinking of adding to our flock of one so maybe we could 'partner' on this. What part of town are you located? We're in NW Phoenix.

I'm in Eastern Central Phoenix Arcadia area. We're hoping to order soon, and to take 2 hens. Are you willing to take any in the bunch that turn out to be roosters (in addition to some hens?) Looks like the one place online has a min. order of $25, which is about 8 chicks. If not I have one source that make take the roosters. Another source has a small min. order but they aren't available until April, which is later than we hoped to add to the flock.

I have an order coming in a week or so and I could probably add to it without incuring additional shipping charges....

I do live about 45 minutes from you though.

Murray Mcmurray says the chicks you want are available.

Hi Todd- that would be ideal! (I bet Brad would also take a few) I'm willing to drive to get them for sure and pay you for them.  Ameraucana Bantams are hard to find locally i guess. Are they sexed or would be just take a few and see how they turn out? Either way we're open, we just can't have roosters in the city. We're very excited for chicks, we got our current girls as pullets.

Kate, if you order a straight run, plan on half being roos.

Todd, what part of town are you in? We're in north eastern Gilbert.

We'll be putting in an order this next week for 50 meat chickens, but we want to get about 4 Marans hens, too, and I'm not sure if we can add them onto to meat chicken order and get the better prices.

I just called and the hatchery said they can add them to my order if they have them. I realized that my order ships this week.

I live about 15 minutes from Pinacle Peak in North Scottsdale.

Check the website and let me know if you want me to add them to my order ASAP. 

Thanks, Todd. I'll hold on the marans since you're a ways away from us. It might work really well for the others, though. :)

Hi Todd-

Yes I would love to add some ameraucana bantams to your order, can you add just a few since you're likely already over the minimum? I think that hatchery only does straight runs, so I'd order 4, with hopes that 2 are hens and would gladly share the roosters with you guys or find them homes:) 

you should be able to get them sexed. I think that rehoming roosters is great, but I wouldn't order strait run unless you are prepared to slaughter the roosters if you have to. Like I said, rehoming is great, but often not possible, so being mentally prepared to slaughter any roosters is important.

yeah, i think i could do it if i needed too, but know two places that said they would take them to sell them, and this community has been great to us, so praying it will work out. ideally i'd just get my 2 hens but i know that's not always possible. 

No, you're right. They are only listed as strait run on the website. Maybe the bantams are harder to sex? Either way, I'm not trying to be harsh, but most of us can't have roosters because of city code, and people in areas where they are allowed often can't have more than one in their flock because of how territorial roosters are. A friend of mine ordered 10 strait run chicks and got 9 roosters and 1 hen...needless to say, they had lots of roosters to process.


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