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anyone know anything about pears?  In town for the first time in pear season, and there are tons.

1.  When to harvest?

2.  What to do with them when we do?

I've heard you pick pears young as they can rot from the core out, but did I already miss the harvest? 

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You can can them (halves in syrup or water) and make pearsauce (like apple sauce, only with pears.)

You can also freeze them but I find that they aren't that nice frozen unless they were slightly underripe. The really ripe ones get very mushy.  They do however work fine in smoothies and such.

You can also dry them in the food dehydrator or make fruit leather with them.

Last but not least, you can make pear preserves/jam/jellies.

Oh and you can juice them too of course!

Yum! I've never grown pears, but from what I know you are right in line with the normal harvesting period here.

Here's a link to what seems to be good info (it's from OR, but the particulars apply): when to pick and how to ripen

Too bad Kaesha, our resident preservation expert, isn't having a class soon. There is a ton of info online about canning, and if you find yourself needing to get rid of any, or even help harvesting, let me know.

Doesn't look like the email link works. Just friend me if you want help!

Well then, who wants pears?

Too many pears, if anyone knows if I need to chill the Kieffers to make them ripen, and for how long, lemme know.

Anyone who wants pears, send me a message!

Where are you located, Kim?

I don't know if the same applies to the Kiefer pears here, but we used to pick the Kieffer pears green. They would keep in the refrigerator for weeks. When ready to use, we'd ripen them in a brown paper bag, a few at the time.

And I would be interested in pears too, regardless of what kind they are :)  6023391424

I'd love to try some local grown pears! I have a bartlett and an asian pear tree, but they have only been in the ground a year so I probably have another couple of years before I have fruit.

Where are you located? I'm in central phoenix. 602-456-9020

If those are truly Kieffers, then they shouldn't be picked until the fall.

Andrew, so when is Fall, exactly?  I know that some start turning/rotting by end of September.  Do you know when Asian pears are ripe?

Most Asian pears should be ready around now (Shinseiki, Hosui, et al) and can be eaten fresh off the tree.

Kieffers are generally ready by November/December.  Perhaps you don't have Kieffers?

I'm Interested in pears please shoot me a tx my name is Chris 4805933172


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