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Does anyone know where I can buy Mexican Oregano(Lippia graveolens) plants here in the valley? They don't grow true to seed so I need to find plants. We want to have some in our salsa garden section in the Maricopa Master Gardeners Demonstration Garden but haven't been able to find it. Any help would really be appreciated!  (It's the city of Maricopa, not the county.)


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Summerwinds Nursery usually has them but I haven't been there for awhile so I can't say for certain that they have them now. I was just at Bakers Nursery last week and they didn't have any but might have gotten some in. Wouldn't hurt to call.

Thanks, Kevin. I'll give them a call. If anyone else knows of a place to find it them... : )

I purchased some at Baker Nursery last year, I would try their and ask when they will get some in.  Otherwise someone might have seeds to share??  :)  Unfortunately I don't have seeds  :(

Thanks, Liz. I'll give Baker a call.

The Lippia graveolens doesn't grow true from seeds so we need to find plants. If we ever get our hands on some, we'll be sure to take cuttings so we can keep it going.

Becky, it is important to make sure you are getting the Lippia.  Some nurseries carry the Rosemary Mint, as Mexican Oregano (I see that a lot) -- a really nice plant, but not THE Mexican Oregano.  If you find that Bakers or Summerwinds has the true one could post?  I lost by 2 8 foot plants in last years hard freezes and I really want another one.  Mountain Valley Growers has them in California, but you need to buy 6 plants in an order (can mix and match) (4.95 per 3" pot plus shipping - price is okay, just a lot of plants unless you can share).

Thanks, Catherine, we already have one mislabeled plant that was picked up in a Casa Grande nursery.  We're going to be having a salsa garden class and really wanted to have the right plants!

A friend called Baker's today and found that they are going to be getting a shipment from NM in two weeks and they are expecting some in the shipment. He was going to order from MVG's but felt the same way you do - a lot of plants plus shipping when he only wants a couple. If Baker's doesn't get any in their shipment, do you want to split an order? We could probably come up with 6 plants between us.

Does the Mexican Oregano (the Lippia) actually get 8' tall? I've never grown it so don't know.

Hi Becky,

I would be happy to split an order with you.  My Lippia's were huge because I just let them go.  The base trunk on them when they died were about 7 inches or better in diameter.  Broke my heart when the frost killed them.  They started to come back and then we had the final freeze-coupe-de-grace and that was that. Sigh.  Let me know what your friend finds from Bakers :-)

Will do. Thanks!

I got mine at Baker's.  I thought I lost them in the frost but they grew back.  If anyone knows how to propagate these plants let me know.  Mexican oregano is the best.

I just saw Mexican Oregano last night at Home Depot in N Phoenix.  I would think most HDs stock the same plants.

Thanks, Brian, I will check them out - I have to go over there today if I get out.

Becky - if you wind up ordering I would still go in with you.


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