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Since I am currently not equipped to fabricate biochar at home I was wondering if there is anywhere relatively local that produces/sells it.  Most of the manufacturing I have found is done East of the Mississippi...Secondary question: would using mesquite charcoal (from a bag) and mixing it into our compost work as biochar?

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Thats awesome! All of the responses are uuber helpful!  I think we will try the mesquite bricks--we always do things the hard way here haha!  I also didn't know that APS had capacity for production I think we will also look into that! Thanks so much!
Go to Mother Earth News and search for Biochar.  I could not get the link to work.  They have a great article on how to make it and how to use it.  You don't need much to make it, mostly just a day when burning is allowed.


Here is another article on Biochar

Thank you everybody for the responses! I had no idea there were so many viable options! I am glad to hear it!


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