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my watermelon is majorly taking off. 3 of them are about 5 -10 ft long i heard that you should prune them back after a certain amount of ft. but i have no clue when. please help!

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is it really necessary to trim are you out of room? you can trim at anytime but will cut down on melon production, but the melons you do have now will be bigger. you can just turn the vines back on the plant or curl them around the base.
What kind are you growing, trellising may be an option.
IIRC when I was reading about pruning cucumber vines, that you pinch off the first 5 lateral growths. Could be different for melons though.

I did find some discussion on the subject on Gardenweb though. Seems how much you prune depends on your goals -- size or quantity of fruit, space considerations, etc.:


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