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My watermelon (sweet baby) vines are growing on a chain link fence.  Any good sugestions for ways to support the melons that are growing on the fence?

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You can get old sheer curtains from Goodwill for around 3.00 a pair. That's a lot of cheap fabric that won't rot quickly in the sun like cotton does and it will allow in some light as well. Cut into strips long and wide enough to cradle the melon at it's mature size and tie it to the fence with string, something like a sausage link or a hammock.
I've used scraps of cheese cloth, the mesh from a pool floatie, bits of bed sheet. Just about anything will do.
have any old pantyhose or knee highs, I just cut the pantyhose about twelve inches or so and then split down the side so it would cradle the melons and tied directly to the fence for my sweet babies. Oh the slings are still on the fence from last year, I did not do melons this year.

The pantyhose stretches with the melon, or watch out for Cactus wrens they love to peck holes in the melosn, drat those dirty birds.
Thanks for the ideas. I wound up using some tree netting that I had used as a failed attempt of keeping the chickens out of the sunflower bed. Yeah- they ate all of the sunflowers...
I made a couple of hammocks for the watermelons, which I think will do the trick.
Here are some photos of the Watermelon Slings in action.
Yes, I just learned that they are Ice Box Melons. Another name for them is Sugar Baby (this is what they were called at the nursery).
What do you know about this type of melon? I just read a brief article; they get to be a bit bigger than what I was expecting (9 to 13 pounds- wow!)


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