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Has any tried using rabbit food pellets for fertilizer.  What were the plus and minuses?

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Hi Grace,

You might find some helpful info on this recent thread here.

Rabbit pellets have always been good as a fertilizer - the discussions range on whether you can use it fresh or have to let it age as you do chicken poop.

I thought about pointing Grace there too but I think she is asking about rabbit FOOD pellets.  Grace?

Ah, good point Mary, I missed that.

Rabbit food pellets are alfalfa - usually, so essentially compressed hay - the only potential problem would be seeds which could germinate, so 'what' the food pellets are made of is important, other wise it would be like dried compost.

I've used guinea pig food pellets which is probably the same thing, just alfalfa. I've never had a problem with anything sprouting from it and I guess is a fair source of nitrogen.

Yes, I am talking about rabbit food.  I was looking something up and I found a lot of people suggesting to use rabbit food pellets for fertilizer and I was wondering if anyone had any good luck with them.  If the seeds sprouted it would be okay I would just use the alfalfa for mulch.


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