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I wanted to start a container herb garden this spring -- plants like lemon balm, lemon grass, holy basil, mints, and lavender. I was looking for good sources for herbs -- beyond the basic italian basil, mint, and parsely that I see at my local home depot / lowes. Any places in the valley that a wider selection?



Rich Yates

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Baker's nursery (40th St and Osborn). You can buy most/all of those there.
Agree with Rachel - Bakers is great. Also try Berridge Nursery on Camelback a few miles away. This is also the time of year when you see more plant vendors at the Downtown PHX Farmer's market.
I've seen all those at A&P Nursery (except for the holy basil? but they usually have several other varieties). There are at least three stores I know of in the east valley. I go to the one near Baseline and Gilbert. They usually carry stuff above and beyond the others. But its hit or miss, just gotta be there at the right time.
Summer winds Nursery on 63 & Bell had a large assortment of herbs last season haven't been there yet - Friday is payday and hitting nurseries then!!
I agree with Rachel and Jonathon....I love Bakers. I also have the BEST price....BEST price on mint and other small herbs at Target!!!!! I make a regular run at my closest Target and have gotten to be "friends" with the deliver girl. I tell her what I'm looking for and she brings it in.
You can check with the local Herb Association
I'm sure they can help with this.


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