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For the last three days my neighbor,s chickens have decided to hang out in my yard.  How can I keep them from eating the seeds I planted?  Will they damage my gardens ?  Is there anything else I should protect?

The chickens have been there for about a year, is there reason why all of a sudden they are spending the daylight hours in my yard?

Right now I don't mind because they eat the ticks, I can get chicken manure and maybe they will start laying eggs.  But I might get tired of it, is there a way to keep the chickens out of my yard?

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As long as their wings are not clipped you will probably have chickens in your yard, even with 6 foot fences.  Why does your neighbor permit their chickens to roam off property without your permission?  That's not good form.  How are they currently accessing your yard?  Jumping the fence?  Scooting under it?  It sounds like it's time to have a nice neighborly discussion with these chicken's owners about how to restrict their access from your garden as it's only a matter of time before they wreck havoc...

Thanks Liz and Dan,  The chickens are jumping the 6ft block fence. There was only one other incidence when the chickens got into my yard and I thought my dog was going to kill them.  I went over there.  Told them to come get their chickens and I told them I was not responsible for what my dog does to them if it happens again.  I was nice, more shocked by the situation.  Now my dog just looks at the chickens and does nothing.  Plus I think my cat is afraid of the chickens,  I know something spooked her.

Grace, as Liz says it is only a matter of time before they do damage to your gardens unless you are willing to cover everything with chicken wire hats.  A polite conversation with them about clipping one of their wings to keep them from straying into your yard is in order.  Clipping one wing keeps them off balance and they are less likely to jump the fence, plus if they become a neighborhood nuisance someone will complain and then they loose their chickens so a few words to them may help the entire situation for you and them.

Thank you Catherine.  I cannot tell you how many times I watch videos of wing clipping where they clip both wings and I shake my head.  Even my favorite one.

Yes, FN, I've seen references to 1) the 'girls' figure out how to jump and flap with both wings clipped and 2) takes less time :-)

Keep them out?  Are you nuts?!  I love chickens.

LOL! Naughty FN!

Thanks Everyone,  Now I am getting a little irritated.  Did I mention it's roosters and hens?

Sounds like you live next to an irresponsible owner.  They are more prevelant than we'd like to believe.  Please do talk to them asap and definately share the one wing trim tip.  A lot of people apply pet bird wing clips to their chickens not realizing that, while your parrot needs both trimmed to keep from crashing out of control, your chicken needs to be off balance for the trim to be effective.  The first time I trimmed my easter egger's wings it was both sides - cause that's what I did with my lovebird and parrot - and it didn't even slow her down... It's not hard, just clip the flight feathers from one outstreched wing.  The most difficult part is catching the birds!

Thanks Everyone,  I think problem solved.  I spoke to my neighbor and she said her husband knows how to clip the wings. I said if she needs any help I will figure it out and help with the clipping.  I  just told her I don't trust my dog to go after the chickens, which is true.

Very diplomatically handled.  Hopefully that will solve the problem.  Good fences making good neighbors and all...

How has this worked out for you so far?  

Have you gotten any eggs from them while they are visiting?


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