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I had almost full grown lettuce when I noticed I had green bugs that looked like aphids in it. They were deep down in the middle. Has anyone else had this problem and what did you do to get rid of them?

I replanted lettuce and want to make sure I don't get anymore bugs :)

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The best thing to do is to plant lettuce as a fall/winter crop here when aphids aren't around as much. My lettuce is done as of April 15th or so. I tried to get later lettuce last year, but between bolting and bugs, it just wasn't worth it for me. I would focus on summer planting right now. Squash, beans, corn, melons, tomatoes etc....
Thanks for the help. I have planted a fall/winter crop and didn't have this problem last year so I was a little bit surprised this year with them.
I make a solution of 1 squirt skalee dish soap, 1 teaspoon basic H, 1 teaspoon tabaso. I have no bugs and the ones in heavy shade haven't bolted yet. I use it on everything but the ants seem to like it on my pear trees.
I will give it a try.


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