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I love vines especially fruiting vines and Id like to have a kiwi vine growing but was wondering if anybody has success growing them here or not and what varieties are good. I know they need male/female for pollination . Do they need alot of chilling hours ? Im getting mixed information on the internet ! I just saw on the Baker nursey website Spring 2010 Tropicals - Kiwi Actinidia chinensis so just curious as to how they do (if at all ) here.  

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Found this on the web...

Sounds like there are some varieties that may grow here. I'll be interested to see what others say, as I love kiwi and the prospect of growing a few plants is exciting!
I am waiting transfer from Mesa to Glendale (Summer Winds Nursery) of 2 Kiwi Vincent and Tomuri they are supposed to grow in this area. OK for zones 4 to 9.
Thats good. I'll definately be getting some of those
Finally got Kiwi, I think they forgot to water as some leaves were dried-up. Call the Mesa Summer Winds before going and if possible pick them out yourself. Be sure to get BOTH Male and Female for pollination. Have a Good Thanksgiving.
Thanks you too, By the way where in your yard are you planning on planting yours in terms of sun exposure ?
I am a member of the Sun City West Agriculture Club and have a fully caged plot 34' X 38' X 7' high in our community garden area. This time of year all my plants are exposed to full sun, but during the hot months I completely cover my garden with 50% shade cloth. In addition to normal veggies I have Grapes (Thompson Seedless), Raspberries, Strawberries, and Apache Blackberries all do well. The cage is constructed with 3/4" Metal conduit tubing (EMT) and 3/4' chicken wire. There are over 200 members in our club.
Within the next week or so I plan to put up some fencing for the Kiwi's to climb on. In case you are interested I am also trying Legacy Blueberries, 3year old plants from WatersBlueberry Farm in Smithville, MO, they are planted in Peat Moss ((NO other soil). According to Matt Water's next year I should have 2 to 3 pounds of Blueberries from each plant.


I live in NW Peoria and only been to AZ just over 2 years.  Would it be possible for my husband and Ito come and see your setup sometime?


Sorry it has taken so long to answer.  Yes your husband can see my setup, no problem.


Thanks Tom I'll pass your number to him - we'd love to glean any ideas we can as we still are adapting NW gardening to SW.


Would love to see some photos! 



Are you still interested (?) if so will take a few.
Yes, would love to see how they are doing!  Please keep us posted on your progress with the kiwis and blueberries.


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