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Ok I have a quick question.
I have four hens right now. Two easter eggers, rhode island red, and a cuckoo marans.
I am thinking about getting one or two bantam hens that are not only cute but to use as egg layers as well.  I have read about several bantam breeds on back yard chickens web page, that might fit the bill.  I was wondering if any one here could give me some insight.
Nathan J.

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Thanks for the input. It sounds like a great road trip to take with my two kids.
I have a seperate side yard with a coop that I can keep the bantams in away from the bigger hens.
Nathan J.
Hi do you know if there are going to be any for sale?
Bantams are sold unsexed from hatcheries/feed stores, this could be an issue for you.

I would definitely not try and mix 2 bantams with your existing flock of 4--- that's pretty much guaranteed to not go well, simply because you're adding such a small number of hens.

In case you've never seen a bantam egg, they can be as small as a pigeon egg. They are also very good flyers, even with clipped wings. I guess you can tell that I think you should really give it some thorough consideration. In their favor though, some of the most beautiful chickens come only in bantams... and some great personalities.
Yikes, I didn't mean to sound like such a downer here! Bantams can definitely be fun and great birds, I just wanted to bring up some potential problems in case you hadn't thought of them. Let us know what you decide and your experience!
Hi Rachel,
no you didn't sound too harsh.
My plan is actually to keep them in a separate side yard. I also have a large chicken tractor to move them around in as well.
As far as sexing I have a lab that will do genetic testing for me using either blood or feathers.
BTW I have a lead on a contact at the U of A aquaculture. I have left a message for him regarding tilapia.


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