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Does anyone have experience growing hops?  If so, where can I buy some plants?  It isn't a common one that I've seen at any nurseries in my area (Chandler). 

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This topic was brought up a while back on this site-here is the link.

A good rule of thumb is to search the forums to see if your question has already been discussed. The search feature is in the top left hand corner of this site. The post I refer to above covers the hops and zone issue. Looks like they will not grow in our zone here in the PHX metro area. But, they talk about other brewing herbs that might work that do grow here.
South Central Washington is a major hops growing area. Though much farther north and part the Columbia River basin ,it is a desert environment with long hot summers (much hotter and drier than the Willamette Valley) They do have more hours of daylight during summer days, not sure if that matters..
This is late in the season but you can see if any of these vendors are still selling hop rhizomes (plants are much rarer to find, mostly started from rhizomes). Where to buy hop rhizomes.
A friend of mine tried Cascade and it grew great down here. I think if you just pick varieties that are not from really cold or wet areas, you should be fine.
I have a friend who just planted four varieties here. (including cascades) I'm sending her this conversation.



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