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Good Afternoon!
Well, the 'mystery vine' from my yard has now started to bloom. I anxiously awaited the first flower opening so as to help with identifying it.

I think it is a morning glory... i have no idea how it got in my yard, I didn't plant it, it just came up. I googled it and it seems these may be restricted in AZ. Does anyone have info on this? do I need to pull it up? or is that for only certain varieties?

Can anyone else positively ID this vine?
Diane :)

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Looks like a Morning Glory to me! Aren't you lucky, don't pull it! I remember hearing/reading that the Az law against Ipomomea comes from a wild relative, Bindweed, that caused problems in harvesters for cotton. ('Course my memory is not a safe place to keep things) I get my big sis in Ca to send me seeds for Moon Vine, illegally, when I don't find them in a big box store that wasn't aware of the law. And every so often I see Morning Glories growing around my Tempe neighborhood. I wouldn't worry about plant police
Thanks for the info!

do you know if they transplant well? I would like to move it to an arbor that has plenty of room for it to grow (if in fact I can keep it)! I want to keep it, I love the blue/purple flowers every morning. Plus, this location is for my low lying veggies like bok choi and lettuce in the fall... its blocking the sun from those plants!

I didn't realize it would get so big, it is very fast growing.
Diane :)
I'm trying to remember...

They can be invasive. Best to trellis them up. I assume it will transplant well because they are tough to kill. I think they spread at the roots... so I've heard reco's that you put it somewhere where you mow it down if needed. Don't mix it with anything you want to keep because it will smother it. I *think* it's sensitive to cold and I have no idea if Phx gets cold enough to kill it back each winter.

They grow like weeds in the south. Had to be careful where you put them.
Thanks for the additional info! I was planning to transplant it to a wine barrel by an arbor... so that might be best if it has invasive roots.

I can tell it is already 'smothering' its neighbors, so as beautiful as it is... it is going to have to move.

Still interested in anyone else's own 'morning glory' stories... I find this vine's flower so beautiful, that is probably part of its survival strategy - transfixing owners with its beauty.
Diane :)
I also have this mystery vine and it is under my birdfeeder so I am assuming that the seeds were in the birdfood. I have another vine and the leaves are huge bigger than waterlily leaves and it grows like crazy Finally yesterday I saw a white flower no bulb under it so I still do not know what it will become. It is like x-mas with all those volunteers in my yard.
What will it become.
;*) Henriette
They are morning glories, they are gordeous, they are toxic, they are illegal.
Walgreen's was selling them as part of a end-of-aisle seed display, I bought them all, and then told the manager they were illegal - I would feel bad if the blooms weren't so amazing.


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